Enjoying what you love to do

The Gold Coast's longest serving and most established

professional service for the alleviation of pain,

recovery from injury and regaining of lifestyle, PhysioMax provides a well

documented ability to achieve results that consistently enable our valued clients

to get back to doing more of what they love.

At our Arundel PhysioMax clinic we have a talented highly skilled team of caring professional Physiotherapists.  You are assured of the finest levels of knowledge, experience and genuine client care delivering ongoing results that has seen PhysioMax consistently recognised as one of the Gold Coast's leading Physiotherapy practices for helping patients regain their lifestyle.

PhysioMax provides the complete range of pain management services

and pain recovery programs with competitive pricing, health fund rebates

ample parking and an atmosphere that is bright, warm and caring.

Congratulations on taking the first step in the complete re-instatement of your lifestyle by making an appointment with us here at PhysioMax.

We genuinely look forward to the opportunity of helping you

break free from pain and get back to do doing more of what you love.

122 Olsen Ave Arundel Clinic

07 5574 4255

So easy to find - Ample Parking

AAA Professional Physiotherapists

A bright, warm and caring atmosphere

Multiple Gold Coast business excellence awards

The Gold Coast's most established Physio practice

Catering for children, teenagers, adults and the elderly

A friendly practice located in the heart of

the Gold Coast.

Offering specialised techniques in musculo skeletal

recovery, strengthening and performance.

Your decision, your opportunity

& your reward

The team at PhysioMax consistently demonstrate a genuine understanding

for just how frustrating and debilitating it is to be in pain,

robbing you of being able to the things you love to do.

Moods, relationships, earning capacity and the enjoyment for life

are all affected when you are burdened by pain and injury.

We sincerely invite you to break free from the serious limitations of pain

and ill-treated injuries by allowing yourself to experience the proven

results and progressions of performance that we achieve daily here at PhysioMax.

We look forward to the opportunity of enabling your very own

regaining of lifestyle success story.

The first step is to either call us personally or fill out the email form below.

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