Dynamic Postural Stability (DPS) Exercises

Injury or pathology alters muscles function and timing leading to poor movement patterns and postures.


DPS Exercises use spring loaded equipment to provide more appropriate input to the motor cortex to teach correction of abdominal patterns of movement.  DPS can help to retain the correct muscles and movements once the pathology is controlled.  This is achieved with low load, closed chain exercise to recruit the local stabilisers of the limbs and spine, and can be gradually progressed to more complex higher level exercises. 

DPS is becoming more and more recognised as an adjunct to traditional 'hands on' manual therapy.  At PhysioMax, all of our physiotherapists are trained in the McKenzie method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment, which interlinks very closely to the philosophy of directional preferential treatment, and exercise-based therapy. 

There has traditionally been a gap in the continuum between 'treatment' and 'gym programs', with many patients being provided with inappropriate or non-specific exercises as part of their rehabilitation.  DPS is an approach which attempts to fill the gap, and take patients from that point where 'normal' treatment is no longer beneficial, yet the patient is still at only about 80% of the maximum level of function they can achieve given the type of injury. 

Speak to your Physiotherapist about a program designed especially for you.

Independent DPS Packages

To Qualify:
You need to have completed 5-10 sessions with a physiotherapist. This is to make sure you are confident, safe and have the correct exercises (your capability is at your physiotherapist's discretion). 

You need to sign a liability waiver in case you do something unsafe on the equipment, as you are not supervised. 

To keep you safe and exercises upgraded, a review with a physiotherapist (one on one half hour consultation) will need to take place for you to progress as requested/required. 

Fees for one on one consultations reviews with your Credentialed physiotherapist are $95 per session.

Pricing and Other Information

Package prices are available for 10 DPS classes or you can pay as you go.  Health Fund rebates are available for this service.


Independent packages (IPP) cost $300 for 10 consecutive weeks

($30 per week - not claimable through health fund).

Come as often as you like within our practice hours, which are subject to change.


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