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Bringing out the best in you

The opportunity to genuinely minimise your pain and improve the lives of so many people is a responsibility we take great pride in. The satisfaction

of witnessing first hand our valued clients return to a full and pain free life where they are not only healed but mentored to ensure they go about everyday life armed with the few relevant techniques to keep themselves pain free as possible

and 100% capable.


We receive a great amount of pride in the fact that so many of our clients travel

from all across Australia seeking our ability to deliver the answers and proven results that so often see the most remarkable transformative results.

We place great importance on our ability to provide these results to not only athletes, but children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.


Our most trusted and proven techniques combine with our passion for the latest technological advancements ensuring a wholistic and maximised effectiveness

of recovery and value for money.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your consideration and your decision to make a change and improve your life.


The first step in achieving this wonderful transformation is to either call our friendly team or submit an email were we can personally co-ordinate an appointment time and set in motion your very own lifestyle re-instatement success story.

Consistency & dependability

The biggest progression for me with my

occurring shoulder injuries were the unpredictability of it all.

I would like to thank the lovely ladies at PhysioMax for their natural ability, knowledge and care.

We have come so far and these recent events have seen myself perform with absolute confidence.

Thank you again!

Katie Stockden

Qld Lawn Bowls Champion 2015

Beyond all expectations

The team at PhysioMax seriously

sorted me out!

A nasty lower-back problem had seen me out of action for nearly 12 months.

Philippa and her team are simply the best assisting me to a recovery I thought was not possible.

I am racing again and feel so positive towards a future free from that horrible back pain.

Tim McLeod

Bayside Brisbane 2009 / 13 Champion

The first step towards the new you

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