Comfyback - The ultimate postural support tools

PhysioMax proudly present the internationally acclaimed range of Comfyback postural support products.  Invented by PhysioMax director, Philippa Gilbert and architect husband Christopher.

How does Comfyback Wing and Air reduce back discomfort when sitting?

Correct support is needed to maintain healthy, sitting posture.  Support in sitting should mimic correct spinal curvature.  This will aid reduction of pain moving from the sitting to the standing position (known as curve reversal).

Using a Comfyback device supports the natural curve in sitting so you do not ever need to experience this pain again.  This is largely attributed to the fact that your spine has been in the same postural pattern when sitting as when standing… simple!


As Physiotherapists, we can only monitor a patient for as long as they want to be monitored.  When treatment is finished for that immediate complaint and they feel great, they are once again bulletproof… until the next time they lift or push the wrong way.  For this reason, it is very important to teach patients how to self-manage their problems through injury prevention and maintenance of great posture.  This is where Comfyback comes in.

The Comfyback Wing

The Comfyback Wing is used to support one curve at a time.  The Wing offers two densities depending on the size of the patient and their spine shape.  The Wing can be used to support the lordosis (used horizontally) or the thoracic area (used vertically) – correcting patterns to facilitate reduced thoracic and shoulder pain.

The Comfyback Wing offers:

  • Two densities (soft or firm support).

  • Alleviation of lower back pain.

  • Vertical and horizontal fitting positions.

  • Strapping options include both horizontal and vertical position depending on the chair or car seat.

The Comfyback Air

The Comfyback Air inflatable back support is simply the most convenient way to provide your back with support when travelling – in airport lounges, on long flights, in rental cars and much more.  This product is not specific in its resistance as it is inflatable, requiring only a small amount of air to function correctly.  Consequently, if you need something that is of a constant and firm resistance, you will need to look to the Comfyback Wing.

The Comfyback Air offers:

  • A lightweight back support ideal for travelling

  • Deflation ability to fit in a travel bag or handbag

  • Great support and comfort during those long hours in the airport lounge

  • Can be used horizontally in the lumbar area or vertically for Thoracic or neck support

If you would like to purchase any of these items,

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Comfyback Air

$20.00 delivered Australia wide

One size fits all

Utilise anywhere

Lightweight, the ultimate travelling companion

For athletes, children, teenagers, adults 

& the elderly

Comfyback Lumbar Wing

$49.00 delivered Australia wide

Firm or Soft - One size fits all

Utilise anywhere - Vertical or Horizontal

Washable & light weight

For athletes, children, teenagers, adults 

& the elderly

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