“Our Purpose is to assist you in regaining your normal lifestyle quickly, and educating you to help prevent further issues arising.”
Dynamic Postural Stability (DPS)
Where the Art of Injury Management meets the Science
Our practices use Dynamic Postural Stability programs incorporating basic directional preferences into a tailored individual program for our patients. Our programs share a close association with the principles of DMA Clinical Pilates. These programs serve to improve neural drive and thus stability postural strength and muscular endurance and performance.
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Thorough mechanical assessment provides answers to correct treatment and advice necessary to take control of your issues
The McKenzie Method is one of the most researched methods of assessment and treatments in the world today. At PhysioMax/PhysioSpine we utilises the formalised assessment and subsequent classification that then guides treatment.
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Sports and Spinal Treatment
Getting you back to work, sport and play.
The team at PhysioMax/PhysioSpine have a diverse and large wealth of experience in the successful treatment and management of musculoskeletal, occupational, sporting and mens health conditions. Our team deal with high level return to sport, functional return to work programs and general spinal conditions.
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